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Zodiac Sign Compatibility in Love and Sex

Zodiac Sign Compatibility in Love and Sex

Zodiac Sign Compatibility in Love and Sex

With the start of a new year, between making new goals and setting new standards, sexual resolutions are just as important as any others. At ASTROGLIDE, we want to help you have more connected sexual experiences, and that starts with understanding your sexual compatibility with others. Although it is not an exact science, zodiac sex compatibility can help point you in the right direction (or at the very least be highly entertaining).

Whether you’re a believer or just in it for entertainment, zodiac sex compatibility can provide insight into another person’s character as well as their sexual personality and tendencies. Below we’ve outlined each sign’s sexual style, turn-ons, preferences, and tips from our resident sexologist Dr. Jess and more to help get you started:

Aries � March 21-April 19

Style: As a prominent fire sign, Aries are very charged individuals with strong personalities. This directly correlates to their bedroom persona, as they often have a very direct and shameless approach, are less focused on romantic gestures, and more about gettin’ physical.

Turn-ons: Passionate aggression is the ultimate move to pull on an Aries. They do not appreciate subtlety and instead get excited by the directness and being surprised. They are competitive in nature and therefore love to turn sex into a game or competition.

Turn-offs: Routine is a nightmare for an Aries. They can’t stand routine in any form: the same position, the same time of day or week, you name it � if it’s regular, they don’t want it.

Taurus � April 20-May 20

Style: This zodiac sign is very sensual in nature. They love the slow seduction form of foreplay, but no games. Once they choose their partner, they are straightforward and uncomplicated, hoping to have an old Hollywood movie type of romance in the bedroom. They are a classic love-maker.

Turn-ons: As mentioned, think about what Hollywood tpagne, candle-lit room, the works. Go deep into foreplay, stimulate all their senses and they will make you feel like the only person in the world.

Gemini � May 21-June 20

Style: Mental connection over everything is key for a Gemini, they love intellectual intimacy. Geminis are very cerebral and verbal people; they crave a sexual conversation of any nature. They also are known to shift attention, so they like to switch it up and keep it interesting to hold their mental focus.

Turn-ons: Tell them everything you want to do to them, in detail. If you can add wit, all the better. You’ll see the mischievous sparkle light up in their eyes. As they are extremely imaginative, spice things up however you can. They’ll excite over any curveballs you throw their way.

Cancer � June 21-July 22

Style: Think intense and devoted monogamy. They want an emotional relationship and once they have that with you, they will be an incredibly giving partner. They will easily spot your needs and happily fulfill them for you.

Turn-ons: As one of the most emotionally passionate signs, show your Cancer they have you and are safe to expose their vulnerable side. In the bedroom, Dr. Jess suggests �trying the sidewinder position for full-body contact and the intensity of gazing into one another’s eyes. Lie face to face on your sides. Throw your upper leg over their hip and pull them in close.�

Leo � July 23-August 22

Style: Leos are natural lovers that will go on pleasing you forever if you give them the recognition they crave. They want to be the star of the show and aren’t shy to be extravagant.